Jim Ramsey (jimramsey) wrote,
Jim Ramsey

Name ideas

Vicki and I were talking more about names today. We still don't know whether The Second One will be a boy or a girl, but we feel like we're making progress toward having a couple names to choose from for either case.

If it's a girl, we've decided that her middle name will be "Clelia" after my maternal grandmother who passed away in 2001. We're not using that as a first name since it's somewhat hard to pronounce and is often confused with Celia or Cecilia.

As for first names, we're still kicking around a couple. Lucia (nickname Lucy) is probably the leader at this point, but we definitely have not settled on it.

If it's a boy, we're leaning toward the first name of James, after my father. However, I think we'd actually call him by his middle name, which we're still undecided about. The leading candidate is Benjamin, which is probably what we would have named Ellie if she had been a boy. "Ben Ramsey" just has a certain ring to it -- "Doctor Ben Ramsey", "49ers quarterback Ben Ramsey" -- both sound pretty good.

The other option that I've been pushing is "James Tristan" (we'd call him JT). Tristan is the younger Farnon brother in the All Creatures Great and Small series. I've always loved those books and he's always been my favorite character but Vicki's not wild about the it.

We'll probably find out the gender in a couple of months and then we'll start really narrowing it down.
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