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I <3 San Francisco

I was walking to work down Fourth St. today and got to the freeway overpass between Harrison and Bryant. They're working on the freeway and so there's a plywood structure to walk under so you don't get hit with the stray falling chunk of concrete. As I approached this structure I could see a guy at the end just standing there. I couldn't tell what he was doing, but I did see a puddle of liquid under him.

As I got within about 30 feet I could see him zip up his pants and continue walking towards me. Fortunately it was dark under there so I couldn't see him doing his bidness.

As he passed me he smiled drunkenly. When I got to the puddle, which was actually quite sizable, I did a little graceful leap over it, kinda like Gene Kelly -- although I don't think he ever had to jump over a puddle of urine.

Anyway, it reminded me of my dad's old saying: "If there's water on the ground and it hasn't been raining, don't step in it."


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