March 7th, 2007


"other zoological forms of low life"

There was a great quote in the Chronicle's story about Muni eliminating fares:

Margaret Cliver, a 50-year-old Mission District resident who commutes by bus, fears the same problems on Muni.

"Gavin Newsom must have taken a leave of his senses to even consider this. Muni is already overloaded with stinky crazies, loud-mouth-behaved louts and other zoological forms of low life. The day it becomes entirely free, it will become a dumpster on wheels, and I, along with the rest of those who currently attempt to use the system, will give up on it entirely," Cliver said.

I can't imagine someone actually saying that out loud. I wonder if this person sent an email to the Chron and the reporter quoted that email. Odd.
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